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Kyrov's Confection x CH Jubilee's Heavenly Creation, SC, FCh, SGRC              July 20, 2007

Breeders: Dawn and Jeff Hall and Shannon Myers      Owners: Dawn Hall, Jeff Hall and Shannon Myers

We had a avery amazing 2011 Borzoi National Specialty starting on Monday with Spectre going 2nd out of 22 very fast dogs racing.  He wasn't giving up the 1st place easy, as he tied for 1st in the first race, tied for 1st in the second race and got beat by a nose in the 3rd race.  It was a very close race, and I'm very proud of my boy.  His mother Tamar, won her LGRA competition back in 2004 out of 50 running! 

Spectre at the Borzoi Nationals 2011 LGRA Event!!

Spectre running LGRA at the Borzoi Nationals LGRA 2011 at the Borzoi Nationals LGRA high point 2011

Spectre in the red blanket and CJ in the blue blanket at the Borzoi Nationals LGRA high point 2011

Spectre in the white blanket and CJ in the red blanket at the Borzoi Nationals LGRA high point 2011

Spectre in white, CJ in red and Bartleby in blue at the Borzoi Nationals LGRA high point 2011

In 2009 Spectre finished 5th at the Borzoi Club of America National LGRA meet out of 26 entered at only 18 months old!!

Spectre and Shannon after a race at the Nationals

In November 2009, Spectre easily finished his SGRC racing title!!  He is currently in the #2 spot of the top 10 LGRA again this year!!

Spectre finished the 2008 year in the Top 10 LGRA Racing out of 187 Borzoi competing.  I am so proud of this boy, as he did this in only 6 days of racing!!

October 11th  Spectre (Jedawn The Spectre Of Kyrov) went to his first LGRA racing meet and competed with 11 Borzoi running.  Spectre finished in 3rd place earning him 3 GRC points and 1 National point.  The boy is just over a year, old and is already a speed demon!  He's following in his mothers footsteps.

Spectre has only been in the ring a few times, and currently has 2 points!  He's not out showing very much right now, as he blew all of his beautiful puppy coat and is completely bald :o)  Watch for him in the fall!!

Spectre pictured below at 7 months old

This was his first time at class and he was posting just a little.

More cookies?

Brother Flash is pictured first, Spectre second

Spectre (on the right) giving Flash a kiss